Social Cash Transfer
التحـويلات الاجـتماعية

We work according to well-thought-out security and protection systems to protect the beneficiaries and the work team and preserve the rights of the bank and financing agencies through fixed security protection teams, escort, life insurance procedures, money and assets.

Social transfer service

It is a cash transfer service with a high and advanced information technology, through which money is paid directly to the beneficiaries without the need for a bank account, whether through bank branches, service points, or field exchange teams, where these transfers are either conditional (cash for work - cash for education - cash For health, etc.) or disbursed without conditions or restrictions, such as humanitarian aid, according to the requirements of the remitting agency.

Spread methodologies depend on the type of remittances provided, as the bank offers more than one methodology as follows: -
* Spending in fixed exchange centers as regular transfers requires only verification of the identity of the beneficiary.
* Exchanges as social transfers, whereby the required cadres are provided by gender, in addition to field visits to disburse special cases.
* Field drainage in rural areas through landing teams that reach the depth of targeting in remote rural areas.

Security, we work according to well-thought-out security and protection systems to protect the beneficiaries and the work team and preserve the rights of the bank and the funding agencies through fixed security protection teams, escort, life insurance procedures, money and assets.
Saree, we use the latest global technologies to provide remittances in a safe and interactive environment that contributed to expanding the map of spread, speed of performance and quality of implementation.
Reliable, we have extensive and renewable experience in this field, and we have a wide local and international reputation that enhances the confidence of donors towards the bank to implement social transfer projects with its various goals, beneficiaries and the way they are presented.

The technical field

Software equipment

UX / UI designer and web developer
• A social transfer management system, through which all disbursement, approval and deportation processes are implemented for social transfer projects, with the possibility of issuing reports and inquiries that help the bank’s management in the process of reviewing, filtering and monitoring projects’s indicators.

• A system to collect vital information for beneficiaries (fingerprint - fingerprint) used in the process of verifying the identity of beneficiaries and considering it as a substitute for identity documents that may not be available to beneficiaries, especially in rural areas.

• SMS system to inform the beneficiaries of the locations and dates of disbursement for projects that provide mobile phone numbers for the beneficiaries.

• The agent exchange system through the Web Service technology, which allows agents to inquire about remittances and exchange them over the Internet and protect them with protection systems supported by international certificates in the field of data security and protection.

• The Offline + Online exchange system via tablet and smartphone, which is used by field exchange teams, and can work in all geographical areas, especially rural areas, in both online and offline modes.

• Donor's web-based query system, Dash Board, which allows donors to view project completion indicators in real time, protected by donor entry data.

• The contractor management system, which includes the data of all contractors nominated to work with the bank on temporary social transfer projects, which ensures the transparency of the contracting process and provides opportunities for all contractors without discrimination.

• The drivers management system, which includes the data of all the drivers contracting with the bank according to the geographical areas in which they work, and which helps in unifying the mechanism of dealing with drivers in all governorates according to specific prices and regions.

• A system for printing the identification cards for the beneficiaries of social transfer projects. It is one of the advantages that the bank provides to donors in the ability to print project cards for all beneficiaries, as they are the basic documents for the payment of remittances.


Physical equipment

In order to ensure the optimal use of all systems and programs in light of the weak information infrastructure in Yemen, the bank has worked to provide all equipment and technical requirements that help implement projects in the best possible speed and efficiency, which are as follows: -

• Renting external servers via the cloud to manage remittances, while providing parallel internal servers to avoid any interruption due to poor internet service.
• Providing high-speed Internet lines and linking each line with a Static IP address, all of which work using load-balancing technology through the DNS Made Easy website, which helps to increase the efficiency of communication and data transfer.

Providing modern office and field equipment and devices that help implement all stages of the disbursement process with high efficiency, and include the following: -

  • Tablets and smartphones loaded with the exchange management system.
  • Point of sale devices.
  • Fingerprint reader devices.
  • Pupillary organs.
  • Portable thermal bluetooth printers.
  • Magnetic cards printer to print cards for beneficiaries.

All these facilities are managed by the Information Systems Department, which includes qualified local cadres working on the following: -

Continuous development of programs and the search for alternative solutions and technologies to help address technical problems and raise the level of service provision and other banking services.

• Monitoring the performance of systems and databases and managing users ’work.

• Developing reports and information systems needed by the bank or donor work team.

• Technical support for each office and field work team, and contribute to training them on how to work on devices, equipment and systems.

Human staff

• Al-Amal Bank mainly relies on implementing social transfer projects for branch employees. Nearly (a large number) of its cadres working in the branches have been allocated to implement social transfer projects in the governorates covered by the bank.

• Large projects that require a large work team, either as a result of the increase in the number of beneficiaries or because of the short work period. The bank uses a team of contractors from both genders to help implement projects as temporary job opportunities offered by the bank to young people.

• The bank has a database of contractors from all Yemeni governorates who are called upon as needed and are trained by the bank’s employees on the mechanism of work in projects as well as on the method of work on the devices and equipment used in the exchange. According to the training programs that are prepared according to the nature of the projects and the work mechanism agreed upon with the donors.

• The bank manages contractor data through an automated system for contractors that ensures standardization of selection and evaluation criteria in a professional and transparent manner.

• The bank is keen to provide transportation means for exchange teams to facilitate and secure their transportation to and from exchange sites, as it has a database of contracted drivers from all governorates of the Republic, and includes different types of vehicles commensurate with the geography of different regions and the types of roads in them.

• The bank manages the drivers' data through an automated system for drivers to unify the selection criteria and the pricing mechanism in a way that ensures the distribution of opportunities among all contractors in a professional and transparent manner.

• The bank forms special teams to manage social transfer projects according to the size of the project and the mechanism of its implementation.

• In regular or small projects, they are managed by the branch manager responsible for the target governorates, and one or more disbursement team consisting of two people works with him to implement the disbursement process throughout the project period.

International Partners

In terms of international relations, the bank has intensively worked to build very strong partnerships with donor organizations and international corporations working on development particularly in microfinance. The clear and ambitious strategic plan of the bank along with the past few years’ performance have made a good reputation of the bank and become a potential partner for most organizations. In the past three years, the bank has signed a number of agreements with many donor international organizations.
International Finance Corporation
International Finance Corporation
Die GIZ bündelt die Kompetenzen und langjährigen Erfahrungen des DED
USAID leads international development and humanitarian efforts to save lives, reduce poverty, strengthen democratic governance.
Silatech is an international, social, non-profit, non-governmental organization based in the State of Qatar .
Explore global nonprofits that provide financial help to areas in need.
Aiming to advance stability and prosperity in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the Middle East Partnership Initiative
Al Asmakh Charity
Explore global nonprofits that provide financial help
Making Cents International
Fostering potential and promoting opportunities for people around the globe is what motivates us and our work.
Find out how UNICEF drives change for children and young people every day, across the globe.
The fund, sub-fund(s) and securities described herein are not being offered for sale to the public in the United States of America or in any other jurisdiction in which a public offer would be prohibited by applicable law.
CARE is an international humanitarian organization fighting global poverty and world hunger by working alongside women and girls.

Local Partnerships

The bank has achieved an exceptional success in partnering with key institutions and corporations which have effective role in the country development. Some of these local organizations become partners of the bank for receiving financing and others for outreach purposes in which the bank will be able to reach its target groups in subordinate and rural areas with less cost through partners’ offices where the bank doesn’t have branches yet. Of such partnerships are Social Fund for Development, Social Welfare Fund, Capital Secretariat, Cooperative and Agriculture Credit Bank and Public Postal and Savings Authority.

The Social Fund for Development
Yemeni Social Welfare Fund
Yemeni Social Welfare Fund
Yemen Post
البريد اليمني
Economic Opportunities Fund
Cac Bank
Cooperative & Agricultural Credit Bank

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