Awards and Recognitions
Though recently established, AMB had been able, during the First Strategic Plan phase (2009 – 2013) to establish good reputation on the local, regional and international levels. Accordingly, it was able to compete with large MFs /MFIs, thanks to the quality of financial services, which are characterized by creativity and innovation. This is ascribable to AMB understanding of target groups’ needs in accordance with the best international practices in microfinance. The Bank practices have been highly recognized by many microfinance practitioners and individuals interested in the industry worldwide. Below is a brief description of the awards received, as well as the achievements and successes attained by the Bank during the First Strategic Plan phase (2009 – 2019).
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Islamic Microfinance Challenge Award
Al-Amal Bank won the Islamic Microfinance Challenge Award - 2010. Accordingly, the bank received the equivalent of $ 104,000. AMB was selected from among 130 MFIs from 43 countries. The award is sponsored and funded by the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP), Deutsche Bank, Islamic Development Bank and Grameen Jameel.
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Global Microfinance Achievement Awards
Al-Amal Bank won the 2011 Global Microfinance Achievement Award, which was received at the 6th Annual Microfinance Investment Summit in Geneva, Switzerland, 2011. Sponsored by C5, more than 1,000 microfinance practitioners from 100 countries participated in the award competition. around the world.
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2011 Successful Product Innovation in the Middle East and Africa
Al Amal Bank won the award for "Successful Product Innovation" in the Middle East and Africa for the year 2011. The award was sponsored by Hanson Wade. AMB was selected from among 60 development organizations in the Middle East and Africa.
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World's Best Microfinance Institution 2011
The New Economy, a London-based magazine, chose Bank of Hope as the World's Best Microfinance Institution for 2011.
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Grameen Jameel Award for Sustainable Growth to be led by Microfinance Institutions in the Arab Region for the year 2012
Al-Amal Bank was awarded the Grameen Jameel Award for Sustainable Growth for its leadership in the Arab Region Microfinance Institutions for the year 2012. The award was sponsored by Grameen Jameel and Sanabel, with a value of US $ 10,000.
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One of the ten winners in the Middle East and Africa for creating and designing an effective monitoring and impact assessment system
Al-Amal Bank was chosen as a winner from among the 75 institutions that competed for the award, which is sponsored by the International Labor Organization and Silatech.

International and local Awards

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