Local Partnerships

AMB has made great success in implementation of the plan of partnership with key institutions and agencies that are actively involved in development in Yemen. These agreements are intended to help the Bank continue with expansion and outreach and serve target clients wherever they exist with minimum cost and higher efficiency. During the past years, the Bank made a number of partnership and cooperation agreements with many organizations like Social Fund for Development, Social Welfare Fund, Tamdeen Shabab Foundation, Benaa Development Foundation, Loan Guarantee Facility and Bunian Development Foundation.

The Social Fund for Development
Yemeni Social Welfare Fund
Yemeni Social Welfare Fund
Tamdeen Youth Foundation
مؤسسة تمدين شباب
Building Foundation for Development
مؤسسة بناء للتنمية
برنامج ضمان التمويلات
Bonyan Development Foundation
مؤسسة بنيان التنموية
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