Electronic Services

Base app saves your money and helps you manage your financial accounts!

Electronic money saves your money and helps you manage your accounts

It is a cash stock that is managed through the customer's mobile phone without the need for a bank account, and like the customer's phone number is his electronic account number in Al-Amal Bank, through which the customer can make purchases, transfers and invoices. Payments are made directly from his phone through the service application or via SMS.

Target group:
Anyone who owns an electronic identity card with the national number and owns a mobile phone and a SIM card from one of the telecom companies in Yemen.

Pay Bills
• Pay phone bills
• Pay your mobile phone bills
• Pay internet bills
• Pay water bills
• Pay electricity bills

Transfer money
• Transfer to an electronic account
• Transfer to a bank account
• Cash withdrawal from a branch or agent
• Transferring, modifying or canceling a transfer
• Payment of purchases

Accounts services
• Balance inquiries
• account statement request
• Password modification
• Email amendment
• Change the phone number

Finance services
• Payment of financing installments
• Detecting installments due
Other services
• Currency exchange rates

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Conditions for opening an account:

That the person has an electronic identity card, or a passport for foreigners.
That the person has an electronic identity card, or a passport for foreigners.
He must have a smart phone or a regular phone through which he can implement the service via the Internet or SMS.
To be fully eligible and be at least 18 years old.
That the customer is not a suspect and his name is not listed in any of the generalized blacklists.
That legal persons possess all the official documents of their establishment, and that their activities are not prohibited or illegal activities, and their phone number is determined through an official memorandum from those authorized to manage their bank accounts.
Attending one of the bank’s branches or agents to participate in the service.

International and regional awards obtained by the BYES application

الجوائز الدولية لتطبيق بيس

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