About Us
The first microfinance bank in Yemen and the MENA region.

Al-Amal Microfinance Bank (AMB) is the first Microfinance bank in Yemen and MENA region. It was established under the Yemeni Law (23) of 2002, and is regulated and supervised by the Central Bank of Yemen.
AMB is a Nondividend financial institution. It seeks to provide sustainable financial services to impoverished groups in Yemen, including low and limited income people, with particular emphasis on SME entrepreneurs. The Bank serves these groups by providing comprehensive financial services meeting their needs: Loans, saving, insurance, internal and external transfers, currency exchange and cash transfers.

Our vision

Innovative Financial empowerment for a productive and sustainable community

Our Mission

Effective contribution to the development of sustainable enterprises through the provision of comprehensive financial and non-financial services meeting community needs focusing on the economically marginalized groups through reliance on trained staff, innovative technology, and strategic partnerships, thus becoming a leading and sustainable financial institution, according to best international practices.

Our Values

- Commitment
- integrity
- Confidence
- Transparency
- Social Responsibility
- Excellence
- innovation

The establishment of Al-Amal Bank came as a result of a joint cooperation between the Yemeni government, the Arab Gulf Program for Development and the private sector, culminating in Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz's initiative to establish banks for the poor in the Arab region.


Our partners in development

Al-Amal Microfinance Bank's Profile
Al-Amal Microfinance Bank's Profile
Al-Amal Bank has completed 12 years of dedication and great efforts, thus achieving excellence, leadership and innovation.
Al-Amal Microfinance Bank's Brochure
Al-Amal Microfinance Bank's Brochure
Al-Amal Bank is a non-profit financial institution that seeks to provide sustainable financial services to families with limited and low incomes in Yemen, especially people who have small and micro income-generating projects.
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