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نحرص على دراسة أحتياجات الشباب من عمر 15-35 سنة، لنحدد من خلالها الاحتياجات التنموية التي من شأنها مساعدتهم في الحصول على حياة افضل وفرص اكثر في الحياة ..

Al-Amal Foundation for Training and Entrepreneurship

We at Reyadah believe that what the future of societies would look like is primarily the responsibility of youth. With this in mind, we paid attention to young entrepreneurs for being the nucleus of making a radical difference in development. Based on this belief, Reyadah had the exclusive right to implement the ‘Build Your Business’ (BYB) Program, developed by international youth organizations. Therefore, it was able to train and polish the skills of many young men and women, bringing to more than 2,000 the total number of beneficiaries of its activities and programs between January 2014 and March 2015.
With them, let us identify the developmental needs that will help them have a better life and more opportunities in life.
Young Entrepreneur Training
We are in Riyada believe that the future of societies is primarily the responsibility of youth. With this in mind, we have paid attention to young entrepreneurs for being the nucleus of a fundamental change in development.
Based on this belief, Riyada had the exclusive right to implement the "Build Your Business" (BYB) program, developed by International Youth Organizations. Therefore, it was able to train and refine the skills of many young men and women, bringing the total number of beneficiaries of its activities and programs to more than 2000 between January 2014 and March 2015.

BYB program
BYB is designed to serve aspiring entrepreneurs who already have private companies, both in rural areas and in cities, provided they are between the ages of 15 and 35. The program draws on a variety of knowledge and interactions such as games, warm-up activities, videos, and case studies with the aim of explaining and illustrating complex business concepts in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. The program combines the advantages of online or CD-ROM e-learning with the advantages of face-to-face interaction between coaches and trainees. Skills are offered initially through e-learning methods, followed by direct instruction via the program facilitator in the training room. In addition, it includes a variety of interactions and experiences that trainers practice in real-life situations in their communities with the aim of practicing the acquired skills.
BYB program

The march of success
The success of this awareness program is attributed to Riyada's ability to design and implement educational activities tailored to the child's needs. The awareness activity used a variety of tools to teach the child through toys, drawings, and simple concepts that can have a significant impact on a child's behavior. The activity also included gifts that encourage children to save.

Track awareness results
Riyada and its partners were keen to track the results of the awareness programs. Therefore, Riyada tracks the children on a monthly basis and distributes gifts to the savers, thus creating a real competition for children to adopt a culture of saving in their poor communities.

As part of the rural intervention, Riyada management was keen on the inclusion of non-financial services for individuals and companies. In this regard, Riyada has prepared some specialized training packages that focus on life skills, management, financial education and small enterprise management. Within the framework of the Rural Intervention Program, Riyada and its partners are currently working on implementing the rural development strategy as of the second half of 2014. Riyada continued to implement the strategy through a variety of programs and actions targeting the rural population. Through this strategy, it was able to reach more than 5,000 beneficiaries between 2014 and 2017 in the governorates of Sana'a, Aden, Hodeidah, Abyan, Taiz, Hajjah and Hadramout.

The benefits that Riyada provides for youth
The youth career programs offered by Reyada are distinguished by their unique professionalism. Some of these programs have 260 training hours each (over a period of three months), and the shortest of these programs has at least 90 hours of training. In addition, Riyada agreed to practical training in this type of program, and therefore it provides all the supplies, kits and tools necessary for the practical training of the participants. It also seeks to launch a student program that enables young people to integrate into the real work environment, thus refining their skills and gaining the necessary experience to practice what they learn on the ground.

Life skills programs
Although technical and vocational training is of particular importance to the participants, it is still not sufficient to achieve success and excel in the business world. Therefore, Riyada has been keen on developing a variety of life skills programs and providing them to young people in the form of short training sessions of 15 hours each.

Administrative and specialized programs
Administrative and specialized programs are no less important than other training programs, as some of them may create job opportunities for young people. Therefore, Riyada designed specialized administrative and training curricula that are able to meet the requirements of the labor market and ensure the availability of the minimum skills that enable young people to join the labor market, whether through paid jobs or self-employment.

In partnership with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and Al-Amal Microfinance Bank (AMB), Riyada educated more than 2,500 children (from the poorest groups) in 7 districts in Taiz Governorate. The awareness activities targeted the children of the poorest families, as they focused on promoting a culture of saving, and showing how important it is to personal life in the future.

Rural community development programs
Stemming from its objectives related to providing comprehensive financial and non-financial services, Riyada prepared, in partnership with AMB Bank, some training packages that focus on development activities, management fundamentals, accounting, financial education, lending mechanisms ... etc. With the aim of increasing the efficiency of rural NGOs and enabling them to provide financial and non-financial services in an effective manner.

Al-Amal Club for Entrepreneurship

To enhance interest in entrepreneurs in general and to further develop their small businesses, Raida established the Hope Club for Entrepreneurship (AEC), which is concerned with monitoring young entrepreneurs and providing advisory services to them indirectly through workshops and advisory meetings that discuss all the problems that youth face at all stages. Various business development.

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