Mohammed Saleh Al-Lai
Mohammed Saleh Al-Lai
Chief Executive Officer
Mohammed Al-Lai holds BSc in accounting from Sana’a University and MSc in International Banking and Finance from Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom in 2004. Al-Lai has been working in the field of finance and economy for more than 20 years during which he held several posts, including Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Yemen for Banking Supervision Sector and the Head of SFD Small and Micro Enterprises Development Unit. He also served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yemen Microfinance Network (YMN), besides the member of the board of directors of Alawael Microfinance Company. Al-Lai played key role in creating organizational and legislative structures and mechanisms, which contributed to the development of small enterprises sector in general and the microfinance sector in particular. He also played an effective role in drafting the Small and Micro Enterprise Development Strategy and the National Microfinance Strategy, and in issuing the Law of Microfinance Banks in 2009, as well as in founding YMN and Small & Micro Enterprise Promotion Service. He was selected to take part in the establishment of several MFIs in some other states including Syria, Bahrain, Sudan, Somalia and Serra Lion. In 2013, has played a major role in establishing Al-Amal Foundation for Training & Entrepreneurship, known as Reyadah, which provides training to youth and SME entrepreneurs. Al-Lai participated in many financial and economic conferences and symposiums in Yemen and other world countries, presented many working papers and gave different presentations on mechanisms of economic empowerment for the poor in general, and youth and women in particular. As part of its ongoing contributions, he developed in 2014 a “Future Vision for Yemen Microfinance”. He has numerous financial and economic studies /researches, part of which were published by the Arab Gate and other relevant Yemeni journals and periodicals. Moreover, he participated as a lecturer in several local, regional and international conferences related to banking and microfinance. Al-Lai chaired the team of AMB establishment from 2007 until it started operations in 2009 as the first microfinance bank in the MENA Region. Currently, he serves as Executive General Manager of AMB.


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