Mohammed Al-Ahdal
Mohammed Al-Ahdal
Legitimate Supervisor
Mohammed Al-Ahdal Legitimate Supervisor Born in 1976 in Al Marawi’ah district, Al-Hudaydah governorate, Mohammed Hassan Maqboli Al-Ahdal has a bachelor degree in Marketing (2005), plus an experience of 19 years in Islamic Banking. Al-Ahdal worked with many banks, including Al-Tadhamun International Islamic Bank, Shamil Yemen and Bahrain Bank and Yemen and Kuwait Bank. Being one of the founders of the Islamic branches of those banks, Al-Ahdal held several posts in different departments of Islamic banks such as cash management, customer service, accounts, investment, marketing, branch management and lastly legal control. In addition, he facilitates training workshops in Islamic banking and has TOT certificates from Yemeni Banking Institute, Yemen Institute of Directors (YIoD) and International Finance Corporation (IFC). Furthermore, Al-Ahdal attended various local and international conferences and fora in relation to Islamic banking, business development and humanitarian relief work, and was a lecturer at some of them. He has received as many as 176 Islamic lawful control certifications from senior religious scholars from Yemen and other states, including the late Hassan Mohammed Hassan Al-Ahdal and Mohammed Bin Ismail Al-Amrani, among other scholars. Next to his role as Preacher and Educator with Ministry of Religious Endowment and Guidance since 1996, he has been a member of many local NGOs, including Dar As-Salam Organization and Sanid Islamic Relief. Currently, he serves as Sharia Compliance Supervisor with AMB.


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