Ghamdan Awn
Ghamdan Abdu Awn
CEO Assistant
Born in 1981, Ghamdan Abdu Awn holds a bachelor degree in accounting from Sana’a University in 2004, and is a certified public accountant and a member of Yemen Association for Certified Public Accountants (YACPA). He held several positions in financial management and control. Started his career with Raidan Accounting & Consultancy Office (RACO), Awn was promoted to the Auditing & Financial Systems Manager, and then the Finance Manager for Al Ebdaa Trading and Agencies Corporation. In addition, Awn is a certified trainer to Sanabil [Arabic Microfinance Network] specializing in operational risk management. He is also a certified consultant in financial analysis, performance evaluation and financial situations of banks and MFIs, as well as in the development and design of financial, control and management systems and risk management. He provided several consultations in relation to these fields. Besides being a member of AMB establishing team, Awn was appointed as AMB Finance Manager in 2008.


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