Al-Amal Bank relies mainly on the implementation of social transfer projects on branch employees, as it has allocated a large number of its staff working in the branches to implement social transfer projects in the governorates covered by the bank.
• Large projects that require a large work team, either as a result of the increase in the number of beneficiaries or because of the short work period, so the Bank uses a team of contractors of both sexes to help implement the projects as temporary job opportunities granted by the Bank to the youth.
• The bank owns a database of contractors from all Yemeni governorates, who are summoned according to need and trained by the bank’s employees on the mechanism of work in the projects, as well as on the method of working on the devices and equipment used in the disbursement process, according to training programs prepared according to the nature of the projects and the agreed upon mechanism of work with donors.
• The Bank manages contractors' data through an automated system for contractors that ensures standardization of selection and evaluation criteria in a professional and transparent manner.
• The Bank is keen to provide means of transportation for exchange teams to facilitate and secure their transportation to and from exchange sites, as it has a database of contracted drivers from all governorates of the Republic, and includes different types of vehicles that suit the geography of different regions and the types of roads in them.
• The Bank manages drivers' data through an automated system for drivers to standardize selection criteria and pricing mechanism in a way that ensures the distribution of opportunities among all contractors in a professional and transparent manner.
• The Bank forms special teams to manage social transfer projects according to the project's size and implementation mechanism.
• In regular or small projects, they are managed by the branch manager responsible for the targeted governorates, and one or more exchange teams consisting of two people work with him to implement the disbursement process throughout the project period.

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