Administrative manager

Required tasks:

1. Preparing strategic marketing studies for the bank's products and services.
2. Contributes to setting marketing objectives to ensure obtaining a market share and achieving appropriate profits.
3. Suggests a policy for promotion, publicity and advertising in coordination with the concerned departments, prepares the promotion plan and programs, monitors the implementation of the plan and programs, and evaluates its effectiveness.
4. Works to build a comprehensive database about markets, competitors and everything related to competitors, their products, prices and marketing plans.
5. Designs survey mechanisms or field studies related to customers, competitors, or industry conditions in general.
6. Develops promotion, publicity and advertising tools in coordination with the audio-visual and print media, holding conferences, exhibitions and seminars, publishing the Bank's news to inform the public of what is new, and participating in local, Arab and international conferences.
7. Follows up on the media, journalist and technical community with the aim of preparing designs and editorial materials related to promotion activities and publishing the Bank's inks and activities.
8. Prepares marketing messages directed to current and potential customers.
9. It activates all social networking sites and the bank's official website (Facebook - Twitter - ... etc.) and updates them with all that is new.
10. Follows up on customer service in responding to customer inquiries and complaints and following them up with the relevant authorities.
11. Preparing studies and surveys to measure the extent of customer satisfaction with the services and products provided and submitting them to the Research and Development Department.
12. Submits periodic reports on the activities of the marketing department and submits them to the direct supervisor.
13. Perform any other tasks requested by the direct supervisor.

Required qualifications and conditions:
- An academic qualification of at least a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Relations, or a related field.
- At least three years of experience in the same field.
- Age not exceeding 35 years.
- Supervision and follow-up skill.
- High skill in dealing with computers and office software.
- Excellent communication skills and preparing plans and reports.
- Skills in traditional marketing, digital marketing and relationships.

Those who meet the conditions must submit applications via e-mail According to the following:
1. Attach the CV with the academic qualifications.
2. Write the name of the position applied for in the position in the address of the email sent.
3. The submission is made for a period of two weeks from the date of publication, and any requests received other than the specified period will not be considered.
Note that only applicants who meet the conditions will be contacted and interviewed.

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