1- Software Equipment

UX/UI Designer & web developer

The Bank processing information system to manage tasks and currency services and social transfers, and through the implementation of all exchange operations, accreditation and deportation for projects of social transfers, with the possibility of issuing reports and queries that help the bank's management in the review process of projects, filtered and monitoring indicators.

2- Physical equipment

To ensure optimum utilization of all systems and programs under the weak IT infrastructure in Yemen, the Bank's work to provide all equipment and technical equipment that assist in the implementation of projects best speed and efficiency Memknh.otdar all equipment through the management of information systems, which includes local qualified staff working on the following :-
• Continuous software development and the search for alternative solutions and technologies that help address technical problems and raise the level of service provision and other banking services.
• Monitoring the performance of systems and databases and managing the work of users.
• Develop reports and query systems needed by the bank's work team or donors.
• Technical support and technical support necessary for all office and field work team, and to contribute to their training on how to work on devices, equipment and systems.

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