Geographical Coverage

Social transfers service is one of the services that requires a large spread and a large geographical coverage.


Social transfers service is one of the services that requires a large spread and a large geographical coverage for several reasons, the most important of which are:
Determining the target geographic areas is at the request of the donors, not the bank.
- The need to provide the service is usually in rural areas that are not covered by bank branches.
- The high cost of moving field teams in addition to the high risks.

Exchange Sites

Today, the Bank provides social transfers service to all governorates and directorates of the Republic using the following:
Fixed exchange locations: These are the bank’s branches or agents spread throughout the governorates of the Republic.
Mobile exchange teams: They are field teams that disburse social transfers in remote areas and where there is no bank branch or agent.

Exchange Methodology

The Bank gradually expanded the network of agents to cover certain areas based on the needs of the donors, and this process contributed to raising the number of agents and linking them all directly to the Bank, but it constituted a great burden over time as a result of the increased requirements for managing the large number of agents in financial and operational terms.

The bank followed an effective method of spreading called (Network of Networks), which depends on and depends on the bank linking the bank’s branches and agents to the existing transfer networks, which are strong in some regions but not others, to form a giant bank network that covers all regions of the Republic.

This methodology contributed to the following:

Any expansion of the main agent's network is directly reflected in the expansion of the bank's network and with a very limited intervention from the bank with regard to adding users and their powers.
Reducing the burdens of managing agents on the bank and transferring it to the main agents.
Reducing the size of financial settlements and limiting them to the main agent only, instead of being with all agents.

The field exchange teams have contributed to the arrival of the social transfer service to remote areas that do not have any type of financial services, which are implemented by either bank employees or contractors from the exchange areas.
Al-Amal Bank provides its services in all Yemeni governorates as a bank for all Yemenis, without any kind of racial, geographical, political or religious discrimination. Therefore, the bank was able to implement social transfer projects in all governorates that witnessed conflicts during the war, depending on the following:
Full coordination with the forces controlling the land, regardless of their orientation or the nature of their entity.
Balanced deployment in all divided and conflict-ridden areas, in a safe manner for the beneficiaries and the work team.
Dividing the governorates into sections according to the nature of the conflicts in them, and providing an integrated supervisory cadre for each section and considering it an independent governorate.
Liquidity management for each department independently from the other department to ensure that liquidity is not transferred within the context of the governorate experiencing conflicts.

Services provided through agents

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Foreign Transfers
social transfers
Electronic money
Fund disbursement and payment
Withdrawal and deposit of savings

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